it’s time to just get on this bandwagon…

So, since this whole blogging thing is clearly proving to be more than a fad (55 million blogs?) I figured I might as well start one, for a few reasons:

1) Now when I comment on other people’s Blogs, I can have my name be a link to somewhere, like practically everyone else does…

2) This one’s actually a semi-good reason: I can use it to link to and talk about stuff that I read that either I’d like other people I know to check out, or so that I can go back and check them out later. Sure, Google Reader can accomplish this end for me personally, but the whole “share what I’m reading with other people” part of it will be easier this way.

Anyways… thanks for stopping in!


One thought on “it’s time to just get on this bandwagon…

  1. ok first off…i told you that you needed a blog..and you were all “no..i dont have anything to say..i am just learning right now”….glad to see that you’ve come around to the land o’blogs…not that i keep mine all that up to date.

    and in the words of you on various other blogs…

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