I’m no economist, but…

I like some of the thoughts/questions that Tim is bringing up here.  Again, I am far from well versed on the intricacies of economics and foreign policy and what not (Chad, are you there?  Help me here…) but it does seem to me that with outsourcing, etc. eventually something’s going to have to change…  Either in the US, we’ll all be out of work, or we’ll come up with some new technology that will give us all new jobs, or we’ll all go back to farming or something crazy…  It just seems like a matter of WHEN, not IF, something dramatic happens that changes everything…  Am I just being dramatic?


2 thoughts on “I’m no economist, but…

  1. I work in a company that does a lot of outsourcing and have discovered that companies use outsourcing for different reasons. Some use it to completely get rid of jobs. That won’t help us. More and more companies are using it as a resource, as more of a virtual subsidiary than a complete outsourcing situation. We haven’t gotten rid of the employees in the US, but have instead partnered with a company that will help us do additional work.

    The work will continue to go to the place where the labor is the cheapest. Started in India, China is now the up and coming location to outsource to…it will make it’s rounds throughout all the different countries until it ends up back here in the US. How long that will take? I don’t know.

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