You say you want a revolution…

So I was reading something about selling cars, and it reminded me about some other stuff I’ve been reading/hearing/thinking about.

What if the future of church is in large part leading from the bottom up.  What if our desire to positively affect people and the culture on the whole will end up being done more effectively outside of a large church, and we eventually don’t even think of church anymore as some place that we go to or are a part of.

Granted, corporate worship and I guess teaching to some extent could/should be large events which a traditional church can provide, but I can’t help but thinking that someday, maybe someone’s job as a car salesman, all the while hoping that in some way you’re ministering to people, will be looked at instead as a job ministering to people, and selling cars to some extent while you’re doing that.

This is NOT a new idea, I can’t at all claim that.  George Barna’s got a pretty sweet book that’s basically about this idea…


One thought on “You say you want a revolution…

  1. Great Blog, Curtis.
    i totally agree. our dna as christians is one-on-one. there is not bottom and top among believers – except for Jesus being the top.

    the early christians modeled the tentmaking minstry you wrote about. i believe we’re to do the same thing today.

    i also think it’s essential and biblical for people to gather together for worship – true worship of God. I don’t think church and worship is supposed to be this structured, corporate thing it’s become today. Worship is about us being selfless, humble, and focused on pleasing God.

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