Taking care of business…

Saw something over at the Catalyst Blog, where they were mentioning this article that Gordon Macdonald wrote.  Here’s the link to the specific post I’m talking about: http://www.catalystspace.com/catablog/wp-trackback.php?p=148

This quote is the interesting part that made me go “hmmm” and I’m hoping that it will make me (us) stop and think for a moment:

 When Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet fork over billions (billions!) of dollars to deal with poverty, eradicate disease, find clean water, freshen the air, and educate the young, could God (just humor me here!) be saying to those who (like myself) claim an essential orthodox foundation of belief, “If you will not be known for doing these things unto to the least of my brothers, then I will use others not of your fold to get the job done.”

Woah…  ouch…

I like this idea though, that God has this desire, or plan, or values, or whatever…  and He’s going to get it done with or without us Christians.  I suppose that this thinking could potentially make us apathetic, because if God’s going to do it anyways, then why should we even bother trying to make a difference…

But, instead, what if we let this idea motivate and invigorate us to be a part of what God is already doing… It can put the focus back onto God and what He’s doing, and put us in our proper place of reliance on God and not on our strengths, abilities, or “our own understanding.”  Don’t we want to be part of the solution, rather than (at best) passive onlookers, and/or (at worst) part of the problem?



One thought on “Taking care of business…

  1. I agree with you.
    There are many Christians who are working hard to provide help to others.
    Yet, there are far more Christians who are not.
    I’m thankful that God is using people with great wealth to help.

    Examples of Christians who are doing huge things to help others:
    Tommy Barnett at First Assembly Phoenix, Matthew Barnett at the LA Dream Center, Joyce Meyers at the St. Louis Dream Center, Al Robbins at Family Christian Center in Berwick, ME

    You know what’s so sad. At New Life we have a food pantry that many people in the area use – and are so thankful that we’re there for them. Only 1 church in the area is helping us by providing food donations. One of the “gung ho” evangelical pastors asked us for a huge donation of materials for his mission outreach. Our thrift shop provided it right away.
    We asked him if his church would help their local neighbors by providing canned goods to the food pantry. He said “yes”. Yet we never received 1 can of food. When I questioned this pastor about his commitment to the food pantry, he said he & the church had rethought it. They weren’t donating. They were taking care of their own needs — i.e. an inward church. Most of the evangelical Christians in our area won’t deal with us, because we help the poor — and that’s not cool. They don’t want to be caught associating the the poor. I’ve become very cynical about those kind of Christians.

    What’s awesome is that God provided food from another source. A woman who doesn’t go to church has been bringing food every 2 weeks. She said she even tithes on her groceries by donation a portion of what she buys. Awesome.

    But what does this say about many evangelical Christian Churches. Not much that is good.

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