Who’s Bob?

I’ve been following this church as well as the pastor’s blog for a while now, in fact, I can’t even remember how I stumbled onto it (I’m thinking though that it might have been through an article on Next-Wave or The Ooze).

Anyways, he recently had a blurb in the New York Times about blogs, and anticipating that people will be checking out his site because of the article, he wrote a little introduction type thing… Briefly explaining who he is and who his church is. And something about the way he describes it just resonates with me…

“…church can actually be this life-enriching thing to involve yourself in- a community where you find people to struggle with, not against, a place where you help each other focus on the transcendent and not merely the grind… a place where and a people with whom God is found.”

Check it out here: Who’s Bob?

This is actually bringing me back to a conversation I had, probably a few weeks ago, with a friend about George Barna and what the definition of “church” is (which was sparked by one of my previous posts)… I wasn’t sure what my answer was at the time, but now I’m pretty sure that the quote above is, at the very least, a large part of what church is (should be/could be… tension anyone?) to me.

Thanks for putting it into words for me, Bob!


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