another one to check out.

Another good article that I wish I had time to blog about…  but for now, simply posting the link to it and telling any passers-by to go check it out will have to do.  I need to go back and sort through it for myself too…

It’s a pretty good analysis of what the emerging church thing is about, even though it’s not something that’s easy to pin down.  As usual, I agree with some of it, disagree with some of it, and am unsure of some it.

Just something to read/think/talk about.

Five Streams of the Emerging Church


One thought on “another one to check out.

  1. Thanks for the link to this article. It was very helpful and informative.

    I see many good things coming out of the emerging church movement. It IS always good to think through the theology and practices of Christianity. Each of us needs to determine “do I believe this?”
    I also see where the greater evangleical church has missed out. Often there has been such a great emphasis on hearing the WORD each Sunday, that there’s been a lack of living the WORD in our lives, so that others will see Christ in us. We have fallen abysimally short in our help to those who need it. At New Life Church, we’ve worked really hard at having a balance between teaching/hearing the WORD and living the WORD. Jesus taught that we are to love God with all we have & are — and we’re to love our neighbor as ourselves. There are some evangelical churches that are doing great things to be balanced: to talk and walk the walk. Yes, there are horrible things occurring in the world – and humanity is doing horrible things to humanity. It IS our responsibility to work to make things better. God has made us stewards over his creation.

    A caution I have about one of the streams of the emerging church. I think that one stream is leading people off track. – or could easily be manipulated by those who want to lead others astray. It is the stream that has the strong focus on God (anyone’s definition of God) but not on Jesus Christ – the Messiah – the ONE WAY to restoration and reconcilliation with God. People would like to redefine God so that all people can be redeemed anyway they choose. This is universalism – or whatever one wants to call it. However that’s not what God said – and that’s not how God has revealed himself throughout the Bible. We don’t get to define it. We don’t get to control it. It’s not about us. It’s all about God. There is only one way to reconcilliation with God and that’s through Jesus Christ.

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