can you really say this is wrong?

To all the people that yell and scream about Rob Bell and other’s like him… I want to ask you a question. Can you tell me how this is Biblically wrong?

Can you imagine what would happen if a group of people with untold resources, passion and energy started asking the question, “How do we hear the cry of the oppressed?”. What if they were actually willing to wade into the cultural, economic, racial, global and personal issues involved without fear, with the confidence that no matter how painful, messy and volatile it got, Jesus would guide them the whole way? You’d have some church on your hands. — Rob Bell

And this statement about what his church believes…

Mars Hill is devoted to joining the God of the oppressed in the restoration of all creation.

Isn’t there more that Christians can AGREE ON than there is that we can disagree on? Isn’t it more important that we’re out there DOING and BEING what Jesus told us, rather than whether or not we can agree on every single theological issue?

I’m starting to think that if we just get out of our church buildings, and start doing and saying the things that Jesus did while he was here, then one of two things will happen:

1) The theological disagreements will iron themselves out, or…

2) We won’t care so much about the disagreements anymore, because they PALE in comparison to the amazing things that we are seeing and doing by getting out there and loving people like Jesus did.


6 thoughts on “can you really say this is wrong?

  1. Go for it. Teach it. Preach it.
    Jesus expects us to be helping the oppressed.
    Love God with all you are. Love your neighbor as yourself.

    I’ve been reading “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell.
    I wanted to learn form myself what he thinks.

    From what I’ve read so far (a few chapters), there isn’t anything theolgoically (orthodox theology) with which to disagree.
    Rob states his beliefs which are othodox. He challenges people to think through the doctrines and beliefs. It’s not to refute them, but for people to really know what the Bible teaches us about them. Learn it first hand for themselves.

    I think some people are afraid of this questioning. Or they’re afraid that it could lead people to accept their own unorthodox theology. There’s nothing new under the sun.

    Trust God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit to draw each person to God. Read our Bibles, read commentaries, and delve into this radical belief system that Jesus taught. Then go live it.

  2. thanks for reading and commenting, Shirley!

    I agree, people are uncomfortable with questions. I always have to remind myself to try not to blame people for that too much… Since they most likely have been brought up by their church to NEED clear cut simple answers. And who doesn’t ideally want that.

    It’s just that it’s not reality. Reality is messier than that. We’ve got to be able to dive in and and figure it out and live with the “tension” of not being there yet.

  3. I read your blog too, Curtis. I know if Chad read it he would really get into discussions with you, but he won’t read blogs at work and i forget to show him when we’re home together at night. sorry.

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