great quote

Apparently Eugene Peterson (the guy that wrote The Message among other things) made the following statement:

A competitor is a failed companion

I can’t verify the accuracy or the source of this quote (book, spoken, etc.), but I don’t really care because it rings true for me on so many levels.  And in keeping with a lot of the reading and thinking I’ve been doing as of late, the most important thing to me is that this statement is making me think and reflect and (hopefully) change for the better.

Can you imagine if we thought this every time we came across someone that we were in competition with?  For instance, let’s say someone at work was trying to make themselves look good in front of the boss, and in doing so it might be reflecting poorly on you…  Can you imagine if, rather than trying to defend yourself and compete with them, you complimented them in some way, or congratulated them on doing such a great job.  MAN!  That would just end it right there…  it would totally throw them for a loop.  It would change everything.

Seriously, I’m so pumped right now thinking about this.  I feel like this a “rubber meets the road” kind of thing that everyone can do in their day to day life that will start to make things “on earth, as it is in Heaven.”


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