Virginia Tech: Barna says parents are to blame…

Found this over at the Catalyst Blog: Virginia Tech Tragedy is a Wake-Up Call to Parents

George Barna says:

“The animated conversations about gun control, campus security, counseling standards, campus communications, drug abuse and mental health funding do not address the core issue raised by this event. This situation is not primarily a challenge to politicians, educators or police. It’s a dramatic wake-up call to parents.”

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Virginia Tech: Barna says parents are to blame…

  1. He totally missed the point.

    This child had untreated autism. His parents immigrated to the US and then worked long hours to earn the money to send their kids to school. In the midst of working crazy jobs, learning the language and trying to raise their kids – were they also suppoesd to know that the US offers free autism services and counsel once they have been diagnosed? Or maybe they did know about the services. But becuase he was getting good grades, and becuase autism is overwhelming, his parents just kept hoping things would improve, be ok, etc. I am sure they never expected him to kill people.

  2. I think that is his point.

    I think that what Barna is saying is that this is not a political issue, as it is already being made into, this is a family issue. Why did his autism go untreated? You said it yourself, his family was spending all their time working and pursuing other stuff, rather than investing in the family unit.

    Even though our political “leadership” is going to turn this into an opportunity to advance their point, the real issue here is that we, as a society, have strayed from what is important… we have gotten away from investing in our families in order to provide for our families. Until we relearn what it means to invest and provide, this family dysfunction will manifest itself through events like this, through drug use, and through other ugliness…

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