“We’re a community, not a corporation”

As usual Bob, thanks so much for sharing your story with us all… How long is it going to be until I find like minded people that DON’T live thousands of miles away…?

…I’m continuing to learn the lesson that even though I have the most broad view of just about anyone in this community of what is happening and what needs to happen, my perspective is still just that- mine. And others see things, care about things, desire things differently.

I think it’s part of my job (no, I know it is) to understand where people are at, including what their priorities for our community are. Mine are part of the mix, but I need never to give the impression that they come first, you know?

I know this runs counter to the “Vision-Casting!” mode of Moses-down-from-the-mountain leadership in most church systems these days, but that’s by intention. We’re a community, not a corporation (and I’m not Moses(and neither are you!)), and I lead by influence, not top-down authority. One way to have (and protect) influence is to care about what others think in your community and work not just on your priorities, but on theirs as well…


2 thoughts on ““We’re a community, not a corporation”

  1. hey curtis! i’ve read a few of your posts, love the open-mindedness although sometimes it makes my brain hurt. hope to catch up on all/most of your thoughts sometime.

  2. Glad to hear that it hurts your brain… I think that’s a (mostly) great place to be. I know that my brain’s been hurting a lot lately, but at the same time I feel more alive than I ever have before! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing/reading anything that comes to your mind as a result of reading my posts…

    Thanks for stopping by!

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