A European Christian’s perspective…

Ran into this small quote today, and found it to be very convicting… I believe the commenter is from Denmark (based on his blog’s address) but I could be wrong. It’s nice, in my opinion, to hear from someone outside of America. Helps me to remember that we’re not the center of the universe…

This comment was in response to a discussion concerning alcohol; specifically in relation to the traditional American-Christian belief that Christians should abstain from alcohol consumption. Here’s what Danny had to say:

Hi, this largely seems to be an american problem. Here in europe, where there are also alcohol problems, this issue is not as hardly pressed…

…Instead of forbidding alcohol, can’t we teach our people how to handle it correctly? There are more fat americans that die than drunk americans. How can american christianity be so blind in regards of discovering its real problems?

I think he makes a pretty good point… am I off base?


6 thoughts on “A European Christian’s perspective…

  1. yes the issue is excess… very good observation.

    I think the consumeristic aspect of the USAmerica is a serious issue – we want more, better, cheaper and all of it NOW – because we feel like we deserve it. It is a pervasive aspect of the “american way.” Unfortuanately most of our churches reflect this American way – rather than Jesus way far too often.

  2. It’s refreshing to be reminded we’re not the center of the world eh? My foray into Europe has done the same…

    I agree about the alcohol thing. Again, having been to Europe, I realized how almost no one there is overweight and here, well, you know.

    I think DE is actually the abbreviation for Germany aka “Deutchland” Something from work proves useful! Or maybe he’s from Delaware…

  3. Doug-
    Great points… thanks for stopping by!

    Good call on the .de… After I posted this, I had this vague memory come to me that it might be Germany. Thanks for the clarification and for the first-hand observation of this issue from “across the pond”. 🙂

  4. Hey Guys! Well, actually I’m from Germany, even thought the weather here can be compared to the weather in Delaware.

    I’m actually an American (from Arizona) living with my Italian wife in Germany (talk about multiculturalism!). I of course have my roots in American Christianity (a baptist fundamentalist heritage), but have lived most of my life over here and am in the work of church planting in our largely postmodern and postchristian society. Culturally I am a European.

    The European church does also have very deep issues. The first of which, well, there isn’t a “european church” to talk about. Christianity is not a social force, so every healthy church reaching out to culture is a miracle in itself. Secondly, a church in Europe cannot separate itself from culture, e.g. live in its own subculture, without dying. There are still some parts in the US that are able to do this and still thrive. But not in Europe. Thats why a lot of innovative, fresh and relevant ways of christian living, for instance principles of the emerging church movement, have its basic historic roots in Europe. You cannot preach alcohol abstination here, its not possible.

    Would love getting your ideas on this!

    Danny from Delaware

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