Getting stuck in the “Big-Picture”…

The other day, I was trying to catch up on my backlog of Blog feeds that I read… and I stumbled onto one that might as well have been written for me. It spoke very clearly to something that I am constantly struggling with…

It’s from Scot McKnight‘s blog, Jesus Creed. He’s ALWAYS got something great to say, you should check it out if you’ve got some time. This specific post was a letter he received, and his response to that letter… The part that really stood out to me was this small portion of his response:

And one more thing: sometimes young aspiring leaders are trying to “save the world” and so are eager to enter into God’s macro-story. Of course, we all want to save the world from AIDS and poverty, but sometimes the problems can overwhelm us. And, some of us want to “save the Church” from all its blunderings. Once again, the problems can overwhelm us. My suggestion is take it simply: love your neighbor, respond to those who come your way with grace, and ask someone near you how you can help. Sometimes concentrating on the micro-stories can take our minds off the macro-story’s mega-problems.

Very insightful, I thought… Lately, I’ve been fairly consumed with some of these “macro-story” or “big-picture” issues… Rightly so (I think), because they’re very important. But in doing that, have I lost sight of the smaller scale, day-to-day living out of God’s love in my life? Have I missed opportunities to care for someone around me that needed it? Have I missed opportunities to help someone around me that’s in need?

What I’m starting to wonder is this: maybe some of the “big picture” problems are still around simply because we’re not even able to consistently love/help/provide for the people directly around us… So it’s no wonder that we end up not being able to extend out further to affect positive change on a larger scale…

What if the resolution of “big-picture” problems can only happen if we (to some extent) ignore them until we’re actually seeing change on a smaller scale around us, every day…


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