Reinventing Jesus… anyone read this?

This is a little different than most of my posts, but I’m basically just looking to hear from anyone how’s heard of or read this book:

Reinventing Jesus

I found out about it from Dan Kimball’s blog, Vintage Faith. Here’s what he had to say about it (link):

– I also re-read Reinventing Jesus by J.Ed Komoszewski, James Sawyer and Dan Wallace. I have read it before and had James Sawyer come speak at our church last year. I personally think the issue of where Scripture came from, how it was put together, why it is trustworthy and how to respond to contemporary arguments against the inspiration of Scripture is the most important thing anyone who is missional should be studying. The reason I say that is because all the various discussions we have about pluralism, homosexuality, salvation etc. comes from our faith and trust in that the Scriptures are inspired and trustworthy and authoritative. So in every single friendship and conversation I get into with people outside the church, eventually this issue comes up and this issue to me, is the crux of it all because virtually all we believe and teach comes from the Scriptures. So we must be able to have rational reasons and ways to explain why we hold the belief in the Scriptures that we do (or those who hold the Scriptures are fully inspired, trustworthy and authoritative). So, I read this book again and will probably make a habit of reading it once a year. I actually will be writing a book for Zondervan as one of my future projects with them about this issue from a narrative, historical and graphic art way.

If you’ve read it, or heard about it, leave some comments.



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