Sorry: Christians Confess

I stumbled onto this site:

Here’s some info from the “About” page on the site:

 When most people hear the word “Christian”, they think of a lot of other words–likely all of them negative. Words like “hypocrite”, “judgmental”, “self-righteous”, and–well, you get the idea. For many people, meeting individuals who identify themselves as Christian is also likely to stir up past memories of hurt and pain.

This site was started in order for Christians to acknowledge that we have got it terribly wrong at times, and to apologize for this.

Basically, anyone can write a short apology and it gets posted on the site for the world to see. Here’s a few that stood out to me:

I’m sorry that so many acts of kindness we bestowed upon you had strings attached. –Lee

I am sorry that so often the church has twisted Jesus message to exclude rather than include people. –Sally

I am sorry for acting like I know-it-all and have the corner on truth while making fun of people who have actually devoted their lives to studying things like the Bible, or science, or history. –Julie

I’m sorry for trying to make you come to us (church) instead of coming to you. –Lee

Spread the word by putting a banner and link to their site from your site, blog, whatever (see my “Items of Interest” panel on the right).


3 thoughts on “Sorry: Christians Confess

  1. This reminds me of a story in ‘blue like jazz’ where Donald Miller and his college friends once set up a tent, calling it a confessional tent (I think).

    The irony is that when students went into the tent, it wasn’t the students that confessed, like a confessional, but Donald Miller and his friends confessed as Christians and for Christianity.

    it was very effective. Good stuff

  2. pdelsignore-
    Wow, great story. I’ve been meaning to read that book and just haven’t gotten to it yet… I’ve heard great things though.

    Thanks for stopping by! And, you’re welcome 😉

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