“Jesus was still Jesus”

I read a story about a guy named Jason Clark, and his journey through a tremendously tough time in his life, spiritually speaking. He’s a pastor at a church in England (London, I think).

I don’t typically come across such candid honesty, so it’s always refreshing for me to hear about how people have struggled with things, and yet have come through in a better place on the other side. I think that those are the kinds of stories that we would all benefit from hearing more of…

Here are the parts that struck me the most, but feel free to drop by his blog and read the whole thing if you’ve got a few minutes (it’s worth it, for sure):

“At the lowest point of my breakdown, I felt like I lost my faith, the questions and doubts I had kept at bay came crashing in, needing to be faced. I used to take the bible to bed, and hold it to my chest, praying that I didn’t know how to read it anymore, and this was a close as I could get to it, and I hoped it was OK with God … now I know it was and is. Questions about inerrancy, hell, it all came out, like a wall tumbling down, and I wondered if anything would be left at the end.

“During that process Jesus was still Jesus, the same Jesus I had given my life to, it was the systems I had built up, been told I needed to have to explain him that came apart.” (emphasis mine)

(HT: Emergent Village blog)


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