more MPG “isn’t rocket science”

not rocket science

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4 thoughts on “more MPG “isn’t rocket science”

  1. It is easy, it just is not profitable. People are not willing to make the sacrifice to pay more for hybrid vehicles, and so while all the money is spent on r&d, production, and all that only to have a car sit on the lot because people are unwilling to pay the premium that is associated with a car that has high gas mileage and newer technology.

    What would you buy, an SUV that costs $21,000 and gets 18 mpg, or an SUV that costs $29,000 and gets 35 mpg?

    Most people take the first option.

  2. Good point about profits… here’s the thing that keeps confusing me though:

    In Europe, practically every single car that we can buy in the US is available with a Diesel motor as opposed to regular gas. What does that do for you? Almost DOUBLE the fuel economy with comparable power and (in most cases) as clean as or cleaner emissions.

    So, I ask you, WHY don’t we have more diesels in the US? WHY?!?! I just don’t get it…

  3. Matt-

    oh, and I forgot to mention that a diesel option on a car is MUCH cheaper than an electric hybrid option, so it is possible for a car to get better MPG and not necessarily cost more than a comparable gas version…

    People might be inclined to go that route if the car companies started offering them on this side of the pond…

  4. i really don’t know why we don’t have the diesels here like they do everywhere else. it doesn’t make much sense to me. my only guess is that it has a LOT to do with the oil industry, and their insane influence over business and politics in this country. i think thats the main reason hybrids have been so slow to pick up…

    BUT the tide in turning. thanks to honda and toyota, the pressure is on for US car-makers to put our more fuel efficient/hybrid vehicles. plug-in hybrids are also on the way, which for most commutes will not turn on the gas engine at all.

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