“…it’s taken me another 30 years to deal with it”

Interesting post over at Musings of a Christian Psychologist… Phil is describing a documentary on PBS called The War, about World War II veterans. Apparently a lot of the Vet’s suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but were unable to talk to anyone about it, let alone get help. Here’s what Phil had to say about one particular man’s story. I think it’s SO applicable to life in general, even if you haven’t been traumatized by war…

“Another gentleman described coming home from being a POW in Japan and being filled with hate for anything Japanese. At some point in his life he realized he had to let it go. As he said, the Japanese weren’t being hurt by his anger, he was. He met with a preacher who helped him find relief and to let it go. But the most interesting part of this little story is that the man telling his story then paused and said something like, but its taken me another 30 years to deal with it.”

“Isn’t that the truth. We find relief and healing; but that doesn’t mean no ongoing consequences and no ongoing fighting to hang on to truth, hope, sanity, and peace. Healing rarely is immediate and complete. But don’t mistake slowness and ongoing battles as the absence of healing. No, we are being healed–just day by day as we hang on to God and the folks he has placed in our lives.”

So true…  Thanks for the important reminder, Phil!  Read the rest here


4 thoughts on ““…it’s taken me another 30 years to deal with it”

  1. Yes, I also believe in the time that it takes to heal. Awareness is a healer, too. I am German. My grandpa was one of those traumatized men in war. My father was the son of a mute, traumatized man. So trauma is part of my life, too, even if it is mute and without words, well in a way: indirectly harming.

    I think it is peaceful to realize that others are mirrors to us. Whatever we realize and notice in them is part of ourselves. That is a chance to come over own issues. Whenever I start to judge someone I stop pretty quickly and wonder: What has this got to do with me… Some uncomfortable truths have come up this way. And healing ones 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend

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