Everything Is Spiritual… – pt 2

Update 1/30/08: I just received the “Everything is Spiritual” DVD as a gift, and I’m looking forward to finally knowing what this message is all about, rather than continually speculating on what it is based on what I’ve heard.  I’ll most likely post my thoughts on it once I get around to watching it.


This one’s a continuation of a topic I brought up in an earlier post from back in May, “Everything is Spiritual“.

This is a short clip from a DVD that Rob Bell is putting out based on a talk he gave called “Everything is Spiritual”. Some really good stuff here that’s worth thinking about; here’s my favorite quote from the video:

“…Every act is a spiritual act, it’s whether or not you’re aware of the implications of what you’re doing…” -Rob Bell

What do you think about that statement? What would it look like in your day-to-day life if you viewed everything that you did as important, with Spiritual implications? Even mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom, or changing a diaper…


4 thoughts on “Everything Is Spiritual… – pt 2

  1. one thing i like about “everything is spiritual” is that even just the title is helpful and illuminating.

    the tension between sacred and secular was first diagnosed in my life through an old book by AW Tozer, “the pursuit of God”. it is so old, it is now in the public domain! here is a link to the last chapter, i would love to know what you think of it.


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