The Big Story

“Here’s an attempt to explain the Christian faith… in three minutes.”

This short video is based on some themes from a new book coming out called “True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In“. Here’s a short blurb from the book’s site:

In this engaging narrative, James Choung weaves a tale of a search for a Christianity worth believing in. Disillusioned believer Caleb and hostile skeptic Anna wrestle with the plausibility of the Christian story in a world of pain and suffering. They ask each other tough questions about what Jesus really came to do and what Christianity is supposed to be about. Along the way, they have some surprising realizations that real Christianity is far bigger than anything they ever heard in church. And the conversion that comes is not one that either of them expects.

What do you think about the way the video re-frames what most people have come to understand about God, Jesus and the Gospel (good news) message? My opinion (which if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know what I’m going to say) is that this is a MUCH needed change in the way we describe the message of the Bible and the point of following Jesus.

Sorry, but this blows the Four Spiritual Laws right out of the water…

(HT: The Suburban Christian)


6 thoughts on “The Big Story

  1. Thanks for sharing this Curtis – we always need to be looking for new ways to tell the story of God’s desire to put the whole world right (redeem it) and our calling to share in this work. For too long Evangelical Christians have internalised the calling to a Christ-like life – it’s time for us to remind ourselves what Jesus said and did and hear once again the call to be salt and light, making a difference in the world and not just preaching a message.

  2. Hey Curtis, how’s it going? I realize this post is a month old, but I can’t resist commenting on this one.

    I agree we should look for new ways to describe the message of Christ to each generation, but I can’t see how this begins to describe the Christian faith. It is more an attempt to describe the current state of the world from a Christian worldview. I don’t disagree with much, if anything, in the video, but I am worried if we think this is sufficient to describe the message of the Bible.

    The video portrays Jesus simply as a revolutionary who was trying to make the world a better place, and provide us resources (what does that mean?) to do the same. It fails to describe the gravity of our human condition without Jesus, or why he had to die. Our reconciliation with God is an afterthought, behind our relationship with the planet and each other.

    But our relationship with God is the center of the Biblical message – a thread that runs from the book of Genesis (perfect, then broken relationship with God; and associated consequences of this), through the Old Testament (laws and sacrifices as an attempt to reconcile to God), Jesus’ message (inadequacy of the “old way”, and introduction of a new way – Himself), the New Testament (proclamation of reconciliation through Jesus, and his payment for our sin), and finally Revelation (final restoration of our relationship with God, and the earth as it was created to be).

    Anyway, I’ll stop now. It’s early and I could probably keep rambling! But I just have to say one last thing – please don’t be too hard on the 4 spiritual laws. It is just a tool that is only as good as the person using it, but at least it contains direct quotes from the Bible and addresses our need for Jesus Christ, which is more than I can say for some others…

  3. I feel a little bad about the negative tone of my last comment, especially being my only comment.

    I think I should add that I really appreciate your thoughts, Curtis, as well as others that you link to, as they really get me thinking about things I SHOULD think about more often, but just don’t because I get distracted by all the other aspects of life.

    This post in particular (although I obviously have some issues with it), pushed me into back into the Bible and thinking about Jesus – and what his message means to us now – more than I have been in the past few months. so thank you for that!

  4. Aaron-

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! It’s good to hear from you. 🙂

    Don’t worry about it, this is supposed to be a discussion so I’m glad that you shared your thoughts. I think you make some good points, for sure. I probably shouldn’t have been so quick to make a stab about the 4 Spiritual Laws; that was probably a little overboard on my part.

    I think the only point I was trying to make was that the 4 Spiritual Laws, to me, seem very man-centric. They start out with “God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.” … when even John 3:16 speaks about God loving the world, which I read to mean the entire creation, and not simply individual souls. Which seems to be a much bigger view of the Biblical story.

    That’s my main gripe with the 4 Spiritual Laws, that it’s a somewhat narrow view of what the Bible seems to be about, and I think it’s missing out on the full picture. Which is why I liked this video, and why I’ve started to really resonate with some of the newer ways that people are attempting to recapture a fuller picture of what the Gospel message is about in relation to the entire Biblical story.

    Again, I’m sorry for attacking the 4 Spiritual Laws in the way that I did, and I hope that we can continue to discuss things like this on here. Discussion through text is always a challenge!!! 🙂

    Hope all is well in your new area!


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