Brian McLaren – God’s Righteousness = God’s Justice?


(HT: Matt)


2 thoughts on “Brian McLaren – God’s Righteousness = God’s Justice?

  1. This all makes sense to me. He’s correct in saying that “righteousness” and “justice” are the same word in Greek (and in Hebrew, too).

    I don’t think McLaren articulates the gospel well, here. I would want to add . . . How can we truly seek God’s justice? Only by the redemption offered to us in Jesus, but I like what he’s saying, to be sure. In the Bible, God does seem to have a preference for the poor.

  2. Williamso-

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I agree with you completely that McLaren’s statements here may be a little narrow. God’s righteousness/justice can only be possible in the here and now through Jesus. I’m not exactly sure why he doesn’t mention that, but maybe he’s just trying to make this point to Christians who already assume the Jesus part of it. I doubt that the intended audience of this video is non-Christians.

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