On the topic of Global Warming/Climate Change…

I’m having a pretty heated discussion over at the Catalyst Blog concerning Global Warming/Climate Change. I wanted to carry on that discussion over here as well, and see if there is anyone on here that wanted to chime in.

In my understanding of the Bible, God has appointed humans as the caretakers of His “garden”, so I think this is an important issue to sift through, provided we can keep it civil. 😉

Drop a comment here, or over at the original post.


One thought on “On the topic of Global Warming/Climate Change…

  1. i tried to drop a comment, but it got flagged as spam, so i’m not sure if it will make it…. i will paste here 🙂

    “Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced [global warming]”

    it seems possible to me that this is a bit overstated. i mean, what about the ice age, or world war II? or what about poverty or HIV? global warming ranks up there, but its hard to know ultimately what the effect will be.

    the idea is silly, an opportunity for those who know nothing of the matter to imagine that they feel good about themselves.

    i’m sure some ppl turn out their lights because it is trendy, but it seems like the intention is to bring awareness to the issue of global warming. i mean, at least they’re not pretending like they are doing this to “stick it to the electric companies”. (see gas out article) it seems a reasonable way to raise awareness.

    i think there is almost total consensus that global warming is real, less consensus that humans are mostly to blame, and even less consensus that there is something we can do, realistically, to significantly impact the issue.

    ya’ll ever seen this video, regarding the biggest problems in the world?

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