seriously, He’s not angry…

Just go get this and watch it…

Better yet, go get this, invite everyone you know over, and watch it together.


4 thoughts on “seriously, He’s not angry…

  1. if you order it, could i borrow and watch it? we could do a DVD exchange… unfortunately i would probably want to give you something unspiritual like “who killed the electric car”… but actually, everything’s spiritual, so nevermind 🙂

  2. ha ha. My desire for an electric car is definitely a spiritual need. 🙂

    And I’ve been meaning to watch “who killed the electric car”, I’ve heard a lot of interesting back and forth dialog on it. So I’d LOVE to watch it.

    Speaking of Everything Is Spiritual… have you seen that one? I’ve got it, and you’re welcome to borrow it if you haven’t seen it yet.

  3. This one IS really good.

    Did you have problems connecting some of the stuff at the end (which I won’t spoil) with his original points about the altar and the need to do something to make up for our shortcomings? I had to go back and listen to it a second time to see how the ideas tied in together. Not sure if that was just me not paying enough attention, or if he really did struggle to get the ideas tied together.

    However, once I “got it” – it was really good…

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