a bit of a tongue twister, but…

…Yet perhaps it is precisely this that we are being called to: engaging in that most difficult task of putting our religion to death so that a religion without religion can spring forth.

-Peter Rollins, from his new book The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief

A bit of a tongue twister, I admit…  but a very interesting point.

What do you think?  Is it possible for Christianity to be a religion, that is in fact, not a religion at all?  What would that even look like?


3 thoughts on “a bit of a tongue twister, but…

  1. the great wikipedia defines “religion” as a set of beliefs and practices”…as much as we might like to debate this christianity has a set of beliefs (Creation, fall, Jesus as God, redemtion, etc) and it has a set of practices (love your neighbor, care for widows, etc)… maybe religion is not so bad but bad religion is bad. Pure religion is this…

  2. Good observations Joel. I am currently reading Rollin’s “How (not) to Speak of God” and he is quite the thinker and writer. Here is a similar quote from a section called a/theism:

    “By exploring the idea that God cannot be reduced to our understanding or experience, we can already draw out two insights regading the a/theological approach. First, this a/theology views our denominations as arising as a response to God; and second, it acknowledges that these denominations do not make objective claims concerning God. In short it sees our various denominations as different ways of speaking about our beloved in a manner which maintains epistemilogical silence. We must speak and yet we must maintain our silence, we must maintain distance amidst the proximity of God, and we must worship while being careful not to make God an object of our worship: for God is the subject before whom we worship.” (Rollins 30)

    Sorry for the long quote but it is chock full of good thought.

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